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Youth have a right to be informed and included in their health care.
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What We Heard

In 2015, the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health (YCRH) identified a glaring gap in the knowledge of Canadian youth about their health rights and how to exercise them. Young people told us that they didn’t know how their access to health care was protected under the law, how this access varied across the country, and what they could do to advocate for improvements to ensure that our health system is responsive to the evolving needs of young Canadians.

These gaps drove us to launch the Health Rights and Responsibilities Project.


agreed that they did not know their legal health rights.


said that time barriers hindered them from accessing services.


felt it is a priority to have better access to mental health services.


wanted better access to information and services for youth specifically.

What We Know

There are legal health rights that all Canadian youth have. Here, we’ve outlined your health rights as a young person as best as we could but It is important to note that this is not inclusive to every scenario and there can be limitations to rights . Our aim is to give you a good starting point to understanding your rights.

Right To Privacy

Without your consent, no health care provider can tell anyone, including your parents or guardians, anything about your health care. In most provinces and territories, you have the right to privacy when it comes to your own personal health information.

Right To Health Coverage

Like all legal residents of Canada, as a young Canadian you have a right to access free public health services. This means your provincial and territorial health plan covers the cost of medically necessary physician and hospital services.

Right To Consent

In most Canadian provinces and territories, there is no minimum age to consent to health care treatment. People of any age can consent to health care treatment, except in Quebec where the age of consent to treatment is 14. If you are capable of consenting to health care treatment, then you have the right to do so.

Right To Non-Discrimination

What Happens if a Doctor or other Health Care Provider Refuses to Treat Me Without My Parents’ Permission Just Because I Am Not an Adult (Over 18)? This would be discrimination. You have the right not to be discriminated against.

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