Have you heard about the new Youth Policy being drafted by the Government?  In the first round of consultations about 5000 youth across Canada were consulted. Myself, along with many others think that this is really not enough since Canada has 9 million young people! With the support of the Privy Council Office’s Youth Secretariat, For Youth, With Youth is one of the youth-led organizations who really think we need to work to have more youth voice heard!

For Youth, With Youth is wholly youth-lead, and have been holding consultations across the country. Working with a wide network of young leaders the series hopes to reach as many youth as possible to hear their diverse perspectives in an inclusive setting.

For Youth, With Youth aims to have the voices of those with intersectional experiences as youth in Canada: Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, differently-abled, newcomer, and racialized youth. Currently, not enough of these voices have been consulted and their voices must be included in this policy that will affect them.

This series is non-partisan effort to show that youth, who are engaged and enthusiastic, though typically marginalized in politics and policy discussions, have important concerns and priorities that the government needs to hear during the development of this new policy. Young people have a vision for the future of Canada as well as their peers, and we know that their voices must be heard.

I have recently joined the For Youth, With Youth team to bring another consultation to Halifax, Nova Scotia where I am based, on August 25th.  There are young people on the team across Canada who are hosting more consultations in their cities. You can find more consultations here: www.youthconsultation.com or contact me for more information or with questions at: aframpton@sandboxproject.ca.

Alyssa Frampton, Lead of YouthHealthRights.ca